Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Time to Celebrate

I spent the first half of this month in a jealous and envious state.

It just seemed like good things were happening all around me! Good things that I wanted happening to ME!
It took me a while to sort through these feelings. I started feeling somewhat sad about the things that I didn't have going on in my life.
Some examples, you may ask? Well, for one, it's May! Graduation time. Everywhere around me I have friends, acquaintances, siblings, even complete strangers posting pictures on Facebook and various social sites about their graduation. Ugh. I still have one long, daunting year. One very long, super-awful year. I couldn't help but wish it was ME in that cap and gown. My sweet baby brother graduated from high school this year. (He is an amazingly talented photographer and artist! Remember his name!)

And then to frost my pity-cake- they hold a graduation ceremony for my daughter's preschool class.

Look at that tiny little 'diploma'.

And then I throw in the mix of new authors publishing their adorable new books everyday. I want that to be ME!
And friends getting new cars- (I want a new car!!!)
And friends getting new houses- (I SOO want a new house!!)
And friends having new babies- (Okay, maybe I don't want a new baby- but you get the point!)
etc and etc. The list goes on.

So, yes, I have to admit that at the beginning of this month I was bitten by the jealousy snake. I spent days reading posts and brooding in my own stew of self-pity.

BUT... you will be happy to know that I think I am over "it". I realized that there are SO many wonderful things in my life on a day to day basis that asking for all of that all at once would be completely insane (not to mention major stress! new degree, job, house, car, book deal!?!?! Not at once, please!)
These things will come for me. I know it. I am working hard at each and everyone of those "goals" and wants of mine. I know that I will get there. Before then however, I need to learn to appreciate the little "celebrations" that happen EVERYDAY in my life.

Laundry is (almost) done.
We are going to the library!
Sovie is trying to talk!!!
Steven supposedly has a surprise for me (that one might not be cause for a celebration! hmmm...)
and sooo many more.

It will all come in time. I know this.

Oh and just to be clear- I am soooo proud of all of the graduates this year! I know how hard they worked on whatever it may be- high school, college, graduate school (including you lil' bro!). I also am soooo proud of my sweet baby girl! She is growing up before my eyes. I am afraid if I blink- I may miss it.
I am also so happy for all that have such amazing things going on in their lives! You all deserve it! I am looking forward to reading your books, sitting in your cars, touring your houses, holding your babies, etc.


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